Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live we liked a lot. Despite its peculiar bean shape, the completely wireless headphones that Samsung debuted with the Note 20 managed to stay at the top of the podium. Now the company, taking advantage of the announcement of the Galaxy S21 , has launched the Galaxy Buds Pro , its new high-end TWS headphones.

In Xataka we have been using these headphones for a few days to listen to music, play games and watch movies to bring you this, its corresponding analysis . We can tell you that the Galaxy Buds Pro are the best headphones that Samsung has made to date, although that does not mean that they are perfect, far from it. With that said, let’s get started.

 Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Specs

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Headphone : 19.5 x 20.5 x 20.8mm -. 6.3 grams
Case : 50 x 50.2 x 27.8 mm – 44.9 grams
SPEAKER Woofer 11 mm
Tweeter 6.5 mm
CONNECTION Bluetooth 5.0
Scalable, AAC, SBC
COMPATIBILITY Android 7.0 or higher
DRUMS Headphones : 61 mAh
Case : 472 mAh
AUTONOMY Headphones : up to 5 hours with ANC
Case : up to 20 hours with ANC
Wireless charging
ADDITIONAL FEATURES Active noise cancellation
Ambient Sound
Automatic voice detection
Auto Switch
3 x
IPX7 microphones up to 30 minutes

They are very comfortable devices. They are not particularly small, although not as big or flashy as the Jabra Elite 85t , for example. They are not light either, as they weigh 6.3 grams. However, Samsung has struck an outstanding balance . Despite their size and weight, they are hardly noticeable when we wear them and that, in the end, is the most important thing. They also do not fall when making sudden movements or sports.

The silicone rubber is comfortable and fixes well to our ear. There are gummies of different sizes in the box and it is worth spending a few minutes before you start using them. It is advisable to try all the cases to see which one suits us best, as they will not only make the headphones more comfortable to wear for a long time, but will improve the sound experience, isolation (and passive cancellation) and active noise cancellation. .

The headphones are made of plastic and it shows in hand. It’s not a bad plastic, but it feels less premium than other devices. Perhaps the fault is not the material itself, but the glossy finish similar to that of the Galaxy Buds Live. We have this finish in the outer area, right where the tactile area is located in which we will make gestures to control playback, invoke the assistant, etc.

Throughout the headphones we have three microphones: two outside and one inside . As we will see, they are aimed at canceling noise and capturing our voice. The microphone that captures our voice, which is the one below, is covered by a camera and mesh to minimize wind noise . The mesh upper inside the headphones is an air vent to reduce occlusion. It also has sensors for position detection.

In short, Samsung has greatly improved the design of its headphones. The Galaxy Buds Live were curious as a concept, but the Galaxy Buds Pro, while not as flashy, are better . They are very comfortable, they stay better fixed and the experience with them is much more satisfactory. Sometimes it is better not to touch the things that work.

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